Uber and Hyundai presented a prototype of electric air taxi (photo).

Uber and Hyundai presented on the teaser a prototype of the electric air taxi eVTOL with a range of 100 km.

In the future, transport should go into mass production, writes Electrek.

The report notes that air taxi will be able to reach a speed of 290 km / h and climb to a height of 300-600 meters. It takes only seven minutes to fully charge the batteries in high-speed mode.

 Uber  Hyundai

The aircraft will use a special distribution electrical installation. It will allow you to use many screws at the same time, distribute power between them and, as a result, reduce noise due to the absence of a pair of fuel engines standard for airplanes.

Among other things, thanks to many special propellers, the Hyundai eVTOL will fly vertically.

 Uber  Hyundai car auto cars

The cabin will be equipped with four passenger seats, which allows drivers to easily board and disembark. It is also noticeable in the images that a rather large personal space is reserved for the pilot.

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