To work for Ilona Mask, higher education is not required

Ilona Mask

Elon Musk remains true to his position – his employees must be able to solve complex problems. For this, according to the American billionaire, they do not need a higher education diploma. The head of Tesla confirmed this in a correspondence on Twitter.

When asked if he requires higher education from his potential employees, Elon Musk answered in the negative, confirming that over the past five years his opinion on this subject has not changed.

In 2014, in an interview with the German edition of Auto Bild, Elon Musk first stated that he did not require a higher education diploma from future employees.

There is no need for a college or even high school diploma. If someone graduated from an excellent university, this may be a sign that he is capable of great things, or maybe not. Look, for example, at such as Bill Gates or Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs – these guys did not graduate from colleges, but to hire them would be a great idea,
– said Musk.

Therefore, instead of the degree of a prestigious university, Musk is looking for a potential employee “evidence of outstanding abilities.” If they are, then most likely cooperation will take place.

He said that when he interviews the applicant, he asks him to briefly describe his career and methods for solving complex problems that he had to face. And to make sure that he does not appropriate the merit of another, he analyzes the problem in detail. Anyone who has solved a difficult problem himself always knows the answers.

Musk himself received an incomplete higher education in physics and economics at the University of Pennsylvania.

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