Tim Cook talks about Apple Vision Pro

Tim Cook talks about Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s IPhone Successor Comes Into Focus

Tim Cook describes his first experience with Apple’s forthcoming Vision Pro headset as an “aha moment” and says the device has now become part of his nightly routine. Cook says that Apple’s forthcoming spatial computer has the potential to usher in an entirely new era of computing, revolutionizen the way we work, communicate, and experience the world – just like Apple’s iPhone did 16 years ago.

The Apple CEO is in London at the end of a whirlwind European tour to meet with app developers that he hopes will be among the first to realise his ambitions for the Vision Pro…

[I]n attendance is Andy Weekes, the creator of Night Sky, which also uses AR to make stars, planets and even the International Space Station appear onscreen as you point your iPhone at the place they are in the sky… Something like Night Sky could be jaw-droppingly good on the spatial computing headset, with its immersive, wraparound display. Cook says they’re looking forward to it. “We have developer labs in London and Munich, and we’re seeing some incredible work. There’s so much excitement out there.”

The tech boss says Vision Pro has become part of his nightly routine, helping him understand how it could become an industry-defining product. “There are huge differences in how people look at it, depending on if they’re read about it or actually tried it,” he says. “I believe even more about how profound spatial computing is. When you’ve tried it, it’s an aha moment, and you only have a few of those in a lifetime.”

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