This Tesla Competitor Has Elon Musk In Its Crosshairs

This Tesla Competitor Has Elon Musk In Its Crosshairs

There’s no denying the fact that Tesla is the top dog in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Yes, it has competitors — including big-name automakers like General Motors — but Elon Musk’s company has the name recognition that others envy.

While many competitors are stepping up to the plate, hoping to knock Tesla down a few pegs, Lucid Motors may have the best chance of making this a reality.

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Lucid Motors, a rising challenger to Tesla, is gearing up for an ambitious journey in the EV market.

Most recently, the company announced its latest model, the Gravity SUV. This luxury electric SUV offers an uncompromising experience, blending high performance with spaciousness to comfortably accommodate up to seven adults and their luggage.

And perhaps most importantly, it boasts a projected driving range of over 440 miles, setting a new standard in the luxury EV segment.

Peter Rawlinson is the chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Lucid Motors, but that’s not all. He was also the chief engineer of the Tesla Model S. In other words, he knows exactly what steps to take to beat Tesla at its own game.

His goal is to achieve greater range with less battery usage, which would be a massive advantage in the EV market. By doing so, it would also allow Lucid to produce more affordable electric vehicles.

Lucid is not just about plans and promises. The company has already made significant strides with its Air Sedan, particularly the Pure model, which starts at $74,900 and offers 410 miles of range.

And if that’s not enough to prove its place in the EV market, get this: Lucid Air Pure was named to Car and Driver’s 10Best list in its first year of eligibility.

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