This New All-Electric Jet Ski Was Designed to Play With Tesla’s Cybertruck

Narke GT45 Electrojet

It can soar up to 43 mph and cover 31 miles on a single charge.

What does one pair with the new Cybertruck? A Cyberjet, of course. Allow us to introduce you to Narke’s new electric jet ski, which may just be the perfect water-ready companion for Elon Musk’s prized polygonal pickup.

The Narke team first started working on eco-conscious personal watercraft (PWC) in 2014 as an alternative to petrol-guzzling jet skis. The first generation electrojet, Narke GT45, was launched in 2018 at the Cannes Yachting Festival and sold out almost immediately, according to the company. The new model, Narke GT95, has been further fine-tuned and offers 50 percent more power and 20 percent more range than its predecessor. On top of that, it looks dead cool with a certain Tesla.

The GT95 is fitted with a gutsy electric engine and high-power battery cells that produces 95 hp, hence its moniker. The speedster can soar up to 43 mph and cover 31 miles on a single charge. Thanks to the improved hull design and unique deflection technology, the GT95 also promises a softer, quieter and more stable driving experience than comparable models.

Narke GT45 Electrojet

It’s been put through its paces, too.  The company says that world champion jet skier Péter Bíró even tested the electrojet and came away impressed with the vehicle’s speed and maneuverability.

Of course, one of its biggest drawcards is its futuristic design. The carbon fiber-reinforced composite body is ultra-sleek and further enhanced by the striking metallic colorway. Spanning 13 feet in length, the GT95 has above-average dimensions in its class and offers a surprising amount of space, along with three seats and a swim platform.

“This elegant personal watercraft delivers everything users can expect from a 21st-century, three-seater electric PWC,” Narke writes in the press release. “It’s fun, safe, powerful and protects the waters for future generations.”

Onboard, the GT95 features a customizable 7-inch display that tracks the charge level, mileage, distance from the port and water temperature. It can also take incoming calls should something important arise while you’re on the waves.

When it’s time to recharge the 24 kWh lithium-ion battery, you can opt for the optional in-built fast charger that gives you full juice in just 1.5 hours. Alternatively, you can use a standard household socket which will take roughly 6 hours to fully charge the PWC.

The Narke GT95 will be showcased this September at the Top Marques Show in Monaco. You can also reserve a model through Narke or at one of the dealer partners. Designs start from $47,000 (€39,000).

Check out more images of the jet ski below:

Narke GT95

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