The Tesla Model 3 Is the Best-Selling EV in 19 Countries, Study Finds

Tesla Model 3

Based on Google Search volume data, the Model 3 is the most popular EV in the world. As far as sales figures are concerned, Tesla has a dominant position in 19 countries according to price comparison service and switching company Uswitch.

EVs are becoming increasingly present on roads around the world, with sales reaching 2.1 million globally in 2019.” As for the markets where the Model 3 ranks higher than every rival out there, the list kicks off with the U.S.

Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland can’t get enough of the all-electric sedan. But curiously enough, Lithuania prefers the Model X over the Model 3 for some reason or another. All told, Tesla has the edge over traditional automakers that offer EVs in 21 markets out of a total of 60 analyzed.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance (sorry Mitsubishi) claims 15 countries with the Leaf and Zoe, while the Volkswagen e-Golf is preferred by Germans, Norwegians, and Slovenes. BAIC, an automaker that doesn’t ring a bell in the Western world, sells more EC Series electric vehicles than the competition in no fewer than 6 countries.

A state-owned enterprise headquartered in Beijing, the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. is specialized in low-cost electric vehicles that appeal to densely populated areas in Asia. South Africa also prefers the EC Series over any other EV according to Uswitch, but the problem is, BAIC doesn’t sell electric cars in South Africa.

An error or not, we’ll leave the British company to sort that out. As for Tesla’s own numbers for the Model 3 in 2019, the Palo Alto-based automaker says that it sold more than 300,000 units worldwide. The entire lineup sold 367,820 vehicles or 50 percent more than the previous year. On that note, production output is expected to exceed 500,000 units by the end of 2020.

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