The Tesla Cybertruck Owners Forum is already full of stories

The Tesla Cybertruck Owners Forum is already full of stories

From brake light malfunctions to full-on failures, if you want to know just how bad things are with the Cybertruck, check the owners forums.

From gunky surfaces t0 embarrassing off-road exploits to malfunctioning after going through water, the stainless steel Tesla Cybertruck seems like an all-around mess. We cover a lot of those concerns here on Jalopnik, but if you want an even clearer picture of just how dire owners of this machine have it, look no further than the Cybertruck owners forums.

We decided to check out the forums for ourselves after we spotted a tweet by @salsadrunkard that featured a screenshot of a Cybertruck owner detailing how their truck broke down a mile from the delivery center. It didn’t take much digging to find the forum and the thread itself on Cybertrucks Owners Club. The initial post reads:

Took delivery today, AWD.. made it 1 mile down road, started getting steering error, flashing red screen, pulled off side of highway now the truck is dead and I’m waiting for a tow truck. Dealer couldn’t do anything for me. It was great for 5 minutes.. tried everything, restarting, screen is stuck black and keeps beeping

Tesla really rushed these trucks out, what a nightmare.

Click through some other posts, and you’ll quickly fall down a rabbit hole of malfunctions and issues. One owner, for example, described how their Cybertruck suddenly braked after passing another truck on the side of the highway:

I encountered a truck on the other side of a two-lane highway.

My Cybertruck suddenly made a hard brake stop when we both have a clear wide enough space between us.

Luckily there is no vehicle at the back as it would have been a definite collision.

Note: The auto-pilot is simply a glorified reactive cruise control.

Another owner gave their Cybertruck such a damning review that they were allegedly banned from one owners forum and had to turn to another, Tesla Motors Club, to warn prospective buyers about the “borderline dangerous” visibility issues:

It’s so, so bad. You can’t see the front corners adequately. It’s borderline dangerous! It’s a joke that there’s no rearview camera display where the rear view is, instead, it’s a tiny display on your main screen that shows you behind. So stupid. Cost cutting.

Another owner described how their Cybertruck threw some sort of error code while driving and then wouldn’t charge. None of their local service centers could help either for various reasons.

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