The Netherlands becomes global market leader for electric cars: Study

Netherlands electric cars

The Netherlands is now the world leader for the trade in electric vehicles, according to research by consulting and engineering organization Arcadis. There are many different electric vehicle models available in the country, and the market share of electric cars is outpacing that of gasoline and diesel cars.

Electric cars are relatively affordable in the Netherlands, where there are currently 183 models for sale. The market share will grow to sixty cars per thousand people by 2025, says Arcadis. This country also has the most accessible infrastructure for charging electric vehicles with great potential to continue to expand into residential areas. Although the electricity network can reach capacity somewhat quickly, it is reliable, reports Arcadis.

The study took data from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, China, California, and New York State. Arcadis believes that around 54 percent of all new car sales will be electric models by 2040.

An accelerated transition to electric vehicles, along with clean energy and battery technology investments, is critical to reducing emissions and limiting global warming, said Arcadis executive Peter Oosterveer.

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