The founder of Dogecoin told which cryptocurrency DOGE prefers

The founder of Dogecoin told which cryptocurrency DOGE prefers

U.Today – Billy Markus, the co-creator of Dogecoin known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, recently expressed his preference in the ongoing debate between Dogecoin (DOGE) and Bitcoin (BTC). When asked whether he would choose DOGE or BTC, Markus replied that he would rather have one Bitcoin.

This preference is not surprising given the significant difference in value, with BTC currently priced at $65,800 and DOGE at $0.13.

However, evaluating Dogecoin based only on price overlooks some of its unique advantages. While Bitcoin is widely recognized for its market dominance, utility and acceptance, DOGE has its own features that make it competitive in certain areas.

Thus, Dogecoin transactions are typically faster and have lower fees compared to Bitcoin. This efficiency makes DOGE more suitable for everyday transactions and micropayments. In addition, Dogecoin benefits from a vibrant and welcoming community that has successfully used the cryptocurrency for charitable purposes and online tipping.

DOGE’s inflationary supply model also sets it apart. Unlike the 21 million capped supply of BTC, Dogecoin produces five billion new coins each year. This continuous supply can encourage spending and circulation, making it a potentially more practical option for everyday use.

In addition, Dogecoin’s brand recognition and cultural appeal contribute to its popularity. Originating from the meme, DOGE has gained widespread recognition and appeals to a broad audience, especially those who might find the financial seriousness of Bitcoin too daunting.

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