Tesla’s upgraded Model 3 called ‘the best EV’ in new review

Tesla’s upgraded Model 3 called ‘the best EV’ in new review

In its latest review, the Tesla Model 3 has been called “the best electric vehicle (EV)” out there, after the upgraded 2024 version of the sedan was launched in the Europe last year.

On Monday, YouTube channel One Tire Fire shared a new video featuring a review of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. The video is the Europe-based channel’s first Tesla review, and host Andrei Nedelea walks viewers through a fairly detailed look at the exterior and interior elements of the upgraded Model 3.

Nedelea takes a look at several of the refreshed elements of the 2024 Model 3, dubbed “Highland” by the media last year, walking around the outside, and moving to the inside to talk interior and take the EV for a drive. He also takes the sedan to a Tesla Supercharger and continues cruising around, all while talking about various features of the car in comparison to the legacy Model 3.

While he says he likes most elements of the EV, Nedelea does discuss a few of his complaints about the vehicle, including a bit of a lack of legroom. He also talks about the controversial removal of the steering stalks, which some have expressed strong feelings about since the new Model 3’s launch last year.

“I will not consider the new [Model 3] unless the turn signal stalk is returned,” one reader tells Teslarati.

“No stalks, no buy. I will stick to my current Model 3,” writes yet another.

Despite this, Nedelea says he doesn’t personally mind the removal of the stalks, though he says it takes some getting used to.

You can watch One Tire Fire’s full review of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Long Range below, running at about 27 minutes.

Tesla initially launched the upgraded Model 3 in European and Asian markets last year, later going on to launch the refreshed EV in North America in January. While the updated electric sedan first launched with just a couple of configurations, Tesla executives later confirmed the eventual launch of a Model 3 Performance, which the automaker went on to debut globally in April.

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