Tesla’s stock price first exceeded $ 500.

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Tesla shares went up to $ 500 apiece, the company did not reach such heights before. Last week, the company became the most expensive automaker in US history.

The price of Tesla shares on Monday in the course of trading on the Nasdaq exceeded $ 500 apiece, it follows from the exchange data. At the time of publication, one company paper was worth $ 517.44.

The company’s shares have been growing steadily since the end of October, during which time they doubled in price. And since the beginning of June 2019, when stocks were at the lowest level in recent years at $ 176.99 apiece, the value of securities has almost tripled. On the way to the historical mark, Tesla had several landslides: for example, 6% after the presentation of the Cybertruck pickup truck, when “impenetrable” glass broke.

In 2020, Tesla shares jumped after the company said it delivered 112,000 cars worldwide in the fourth quarter, slightly exceeding analysts’ consensus forecasts. In addition, the automaker announced that its first full-cycle plant outside the United States in Shanghai began supplying automobiles. At the end of 2019, Tesla began shipping Model 3 sedans in China. This country is the largest market for electric cars: 1.3 million new cars were sold there last year, CNBC notes.

Now the market value of the company is estimated at approximately $ 93 billion, follows from Nasdaq data. This is more than the capitalization of General Motors and Ford combined, or as 64 Aston Martin, TechCrunch compared.

The fortune of Tesla founder Ilon Mask last week added $ 2.1 billion. The success of the company and the message that his girlfriend, singer Grimes, is pregnant, inspired him to dance at a presentation at the Shanghai factory.

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