Tesla’s New Model X Long Range Is Lighter And More Powerful

Tesla's Model X Long Range

Tesla’s new Model X Long Range enjoys upgraded battery technology that makes it lighter, improves performance significantly, and charging rate.

Tesla‘s updated Model X Long Range SUV is lighter and more powerful. While this isn’t Tesla’s fastest vehicle, it has always been capable of thrilling acceleration and that should be even speedier with this update. While early reviews of the refreshed design note only small exterior changes to the trim, most of the upgrades are internal.

Tesla’s Model X is a remarkable electric vehicle and pushes the boundaries of what is possible with a car that has no emissions. With a maximum capacity of seven passengers, the whole family can ride along and its range of over 300 miles eliminates any concern about recharging on a normal drive or short trip. Starting at a price over $100,000, it is clearly a luxury SUV but one that begins to pay for itself every day and each time it passes by a gas station.

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) documents first spotted by @tempermanant on Twitter, the new Model X Long Range is both lighter and more powerful than the previous generation, featuring an updated battery pack that sheds over 200 pounds while retaining nearly the same capacity. Power is said to have increased by more than 30-percent and charging speed has improved as well. This is a significant update to Tesla’s largest vehicle making it a good time to consider if in the market for a premium SUV.

Faster Charging For Tesla’s Model X

The Model X was beginning to get left behind by lower cost and newer models in terms of charging speed. Due to the use of older battery cells, even after the 2020 software update, the Model X topped out at a 225-watt charge rate, up from 200 watts, while the Model 3 and Model Y can take advantage of up to 250 watts of power speeding up the process by up to 11-percent. With the recent battery update, full-speed charging will be possible in these newer Model X cars.

Being the single most important component of an electric vehicle, Tesla is continually researching and updating battery technology. While there are many variables for Tesla to juggle, the most important is the ability to mass-produce these battery packs at a high rate of speed while maintaining strict quality control. Looking forward, iron-based batteries will be used in the Model 3 and Model Y, and, while an overall more advanced battery design that might extend range significantly has been delayed, it is expected to arrive sometime in 2022. In the meantime, several Tesla cars are enjoying the benefits of incremental advances that are ready now, including the Tesla Model X Long Range becoming both lighter and more powerful.

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