Tesla’s most bang-for-the-buck car, the new Model S Long Range, starts its deliveries

Tesla Model S Long Range

The new Tesla Model S Dual Motor AWD, arguably the company’s most bang-for-the-buck vehicle today, has formally started its deliveries. Images of the freshly delivered premium sedans were shared online over the previous days, and just as expected, the new Model S Long Range seems to be quite a vehicle. 

Among the first confirmed deliveries of the relaunched premium sedan was shared by the Tesla Owners of the Quad Cities group. As per a Twitter post from the group, one of its members was fortunate enough to take delivery of a new Model S Long Range, complete with a yoke steering wheel and a completely revamped interior. Apart from the absence of a spoiler and the Plaid badge, the new Model S Long Range looks identical to its tri-motor monster sibling. 

Tesla Model S Long Range

While the Model S Plaid is evidently the more exciting Model S with its near alien tech performanceand supercar killing capabilities, it is difficult to deny that the base variant of the flagship sedan offers an immensely good value. The new Model S Long Range starts at $79,990 before options, after all, while the Model S Plaid starts at $129,990 before options. That’s a difference of $50,000 between the Model S Long Range and the Plaid. 

Granted, the new Model S Long Range does not feature the face-melting acceleration and intensity offered by its tri-motor sibling, but it is not a slow car by any means. As per Tesla’s online configurator, the Model S Long Range is capable of going from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds or around thesame speed as the Model 3 Performance. No one, including those who are skeptical of Tesla, denies that the Model 3 Performance is a very quick car. 

Tesla Model S Long Range

As its name implies, the new Model S Long Range is optimized for long-distance driving, so much so that the vehicle has an EPA rating of 405 miles. Its interior is also Tesla’s best to date, with its 17-inch primary display, 8-inch rear screen, and revamped UI. Overall, it is pertinent to note that not everyone needs to have the fastest car in the world. And for those who are willing to reach highway speeds in 3.1 seconds, the new Model S Long Range is an amazing deal. 

Those who wish to order a new Tesla Model S Long Range may need to exercise some patience, however, as the company’s online configurator currently lists the premium sedan’s estimated deliveries from late Q3 to early Q4 2021. 

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