Tesla vs Mercedes test ends with more than 40 interventions

Tesla vs Mercedes test ends with more than 40 interventions

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While Mercedes beat Tesla in Level 3 autonomous driving approval in the US, FSD is king for actual everyday driving, according to a new test putting it against the Mercedes Driver Assistance service.

While Mercedes-Benz got its Drive Pilot Level 3 autonomous driving system certified for certain roads in the US, its everyday Driver Assistance service leaves a lot to be desired against Tesla’s FSD option.

Consumer Reports recently graded the Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance option higher than Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (Supervised) system.

Just like in another such driver-assist systems ranking where Lexus took the lead, the advantages of the Mercedes solution were mainly in the categories related to keeping the driver engaged and responsive, as well as alert on when the system is safe to use.

As a new Mercedes Driver Assist vs Tesla FSD test video proves, however, this might be mainly because the German system requires way too many interventions compared to Tesla’s solution.

In a picture-in-picture driving comparison, the Mercedes made rookie errors steering off the road, or mistaking turn sections for actual lanes.

These are things that FSD also did at one point many moons ago, but driving on v12 now required zero interventions.

When compared to the 44 situations where the Mercedes driver had to take the wheel to prevent this or that from happening, FSD had the clear advantage.

Elon Musk apparently watched the video as well, and confirmed that, according to his calculations, Tesla is at least 5 years ahead of everyone, despite that Mercedes uses LiDAR and extra sensors while Tesla relies on its camera-only Vision approach.

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