Tesla VP of Engineering Explains Model 3 Highland Technology

Tesla VP of Engineering Explains Model 3 Highland Technology

The refreshed Tesla Model 3 introduced new technologies and improvements that made it more comfortable and efficient. In a promo video, Tesla executives explained some of the technical decisions. Later, Tesla’s VP of Engineering, Lars Moravi, engaged with fans to explain some less-known features, including the Frequency Selective Damping suspension.

In a recent video shared on X, Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen explains the design changes that made the refreshed Model 3 not only more attractive but also incredibly efficient. Franz said he removed the “baby fat” out of the Model 3’s front end by ditching the “puffy cheeks” and adopting slimmer headlights. This resulted in a “really slippery silhouette” that felt “like a refined athlete.”

While designers tend to romanticize mundane things, engineers are more on target with pragmatic explanations. Thankfully, Tesla’s VP of Engineering, Lars Moravi, also explained some of the engineering choices Tesla made for the refreshed Model 3. Moravi talked about the improved occupant safety and convenience features like the ventilated seats and dual microphones used to filter out the background noise during phone calls.

Moravi went the extra mile and engaged with the Tesla community to explain some of the less-known features of the new Model 3. Chief among them was the reworked suspension, now featuring a fancy shock-absorbing tech called Frequency Selective Damping. Although other carmakers have used selective dampers for many years, Moravi explained that Tesla’s technology is unique.

“The new Model 3 has unique shock absorbing technology called Frequency Selective Damping, which improves ride comfort by isolating shake frequencies in your belly (4-6 Hz) without losing response in steering,” explained Moravi in a reply to a Tesla fan. “Basically just makes the small nibbles in the road disappear.” Moravi also shared an interesting sketch detailing the various resonance frequencies in the human body.

Tesla’s engineering guru went on to explain how Tesla improved the Model 3 efficiency by an extreme dedication to saving every Wh/mile consumed. This includes improved aerodynamics, more efficient tires, and a better HVAC system. The low-voltage electrical system has also been optimized for reduced consumption, allowing Tesla to squeeze a few extra miles. As Moravi put it, “every point of consumption matters.” All these measures combined shaved more than 8% from the Model 3’s energy consumption.

Moravi also replied to someone who complained about the limited rear space, something we’ve seen people talking about on several occasions. Moravi denied the claims, explaining that Tesla improved the rear packaging, which allowed it to make the trunk larger. The EV maker also increased the rear seat incline to enhance comfort and added more cushion to the seat base to make longer road trips more enjoyable.

Usually, Elon Musk has been Tesla’s public face on social media, engaging with fans and listening to customers’ feedback. He was often praised for implementing some of the required changes right away. Unfortunately, Musk seems to have lost the enthusiasm and is now mainly focused on sharing memes and political commentaries. Seeing Moravi stepping in and offering all this insight to the community is refreshing.

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