Tesla Van camper concept gets positive reception from EV fans

Tesla Van camper concept gets positive reception from EV fans

Tesla Van camper concept gets positive reception from EV fans

The Tesla Van is likely still several years away, but this has not stopped the electric vehicle community from sharing their ideas about what the upcoming vehicle could be like. Among the most notable and impressive of these Tesla Van concepts was posted on social media recently, where it practically received universal acclaim among avid electric vehicle enthusiasts.

As per Tesla fan and artist @DominicBRNKMN, his concept for the upcoming Tesla Van is focused on what he believes is the ultimate road trip vehicle. The artist used the Tesla Semi as an inspiration, though he also designed his concept with a tall roof for maximum comfort and utility. Overall, the Tesla Semi-esque exterior of the EV fan’s concept looks great, and it seems like something that the electric vehicle maker could really produce.

The Tesla enthusiast also shared his idea for what the interior of the Tesla Van could be like, and the social media users absolutely loved it. For the concept vehicle’s interior, the Tesla fan opted for plush bench seats at the rear, a rotating passenger seat, warm synthetic wood floors, built-in shelves, and a large screen where passengers can watch or stream media. Other features proposed by the Tesla artist in his concept include built-in Starlink satellite internet for constant internet connection and solar panels for some extra miles from the sun.

While some Tesla concepts in the past have been incredibly futuristic, this particular take on the upcoming Tesla Van was received with near-universal acclaim from the EV community. Some have even tagged Tesla employees so that the concept could be shared with the EV maker’s design team. This positive reception is probably because the Tesla Van concept itself looks grounded, and much of its proposed features — such as Starlink on the go — are already available today.

This is especially notable considering that back in July 2022, Elon Musk tested the waters for a potential highly configurable “Robovan” that could be designed to transport people or cargo. Based on Musk’s comments then, the Tesla Van would be bigger than the Model X, which would be perfect for a camper that is capable of transporting the whole family comfortably over long distances.

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