Tesla (TSLA) announces it has now installed 250,000 Powerwalls

Tesla Powerwalls TSLA

Tesla announced a new milestone for its Powerwall: The company has now installed 250,000 units of the residential home battery pack.

Over the last year, Tesla appeared to be accelerating Powerwall deployment.

Tesla introduced Powerwall 2 in 2016, and it took the home energy storage business by storm with a leading cost per kWh of energy capacity.

The automaker received tens of thousands of reservations for the device, but the production ramp-up over the last few years has been slow since Tesla focused its efforts and battery supply on Model 3 production and other energy storage products like Powerpack and Megapack.

Over the last year, the company managed to start ramping up production.

Tesla doesn’t share frequent updates on Powerwall deployment beyond quarterly overall energy storage deployment, but that also includes Megapack and Powerpack.

However, it has released some milestones.

In May 2020, Tesla confirmed that it installed its first 100,000 Powerwalls, which took them almost four years.

A year later, in May 2021, Tesla confirmed that it has now reached 200,000 Powerwall installations.

We are now in November 2021, and Tesla says that it has now reached 250,000 Powerwall installations:

It shows that Tesla installed about 50,000 Powerwalls over the last six months, which is consistent with an annual rate of 100,000 Powerwalls per year.

100,000 Powerwalls represent 1.4 GWh of energy capacity deployed.

Tesla reported having deployed over 4 GWh of energy storage capacity over the last 12 months.

Therefore, Powerwall still represents a minority of the storage capacity deployed with Megapack expected to be the bulk of it.

Earlier this year, Tesla released the Powerwall+ and revealed that it has a backlog of over 80,000 Powerwalls on order and growing.

The company has been working on ramping up production, but it also made it clear that battery cell supply is the main constraint, and it is prioritizing supply to its electric vehicles.

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