Tesla to require supervised FSD V12 test rides during vehicle deliveries: leaked Musk email

Tesla to require supervised FSD V12 test rides during vehicle deliveries: leaked Musk email

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An apparent leaked email from Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggests that the electric vehicle maker would be updating its vehicle delivery process. As per the seemingly leaked email, which was shared on social media platform X, Tesla employees are now required to give short FSD V12.3.1 rides to customers who are taking delivery of their cars. 

The apparent Elon Musk email was initially shared on X by longtime FSD Beta tester @WholeMarsBlog, who has been testing Tesla’s advanced driver-assist system since its limited rollout in late 2020. The email was short, but its message was clear — Elon Musk wants consumers to realize just how good FSD V12.3.1 works in real-world settings. 

The alleged leaked Elon Musk email hints at a number of important updates for Tesla. For one, it would appear that FSD has reached a point where Musk is now confident enough to market it more assertively to consumers. During the early days of Tesla, owners would joke that the best way to convert an EV skeptic is to just give them a ride in an electric car. Having customers experience FSD firsthand as part of their vehicle delivery experience could have a similar effect. 

Another notable aspect of the seemingly leaked Musk email was the CEO’s emphasis on supervised FSD. Over the years, Musk has been very optimistic about Tesla achieving fully autonomous driving with zero human input. By promoting supervised FSD, it would appear that Musk has seen the value in simply promoting FSD’s current iteration, even if it’s not a fully autonomous driving system yet. Supervised FSD, after all, is arguably already one of the most robust driver-assist suites in the market today. 

Tesla bull and Wall Street veteran Gary Black of The Future Fund has noted that the CEO’s directive could end up increasing FSD take rates among consumers, especially if the EV maker couples it with a free FSD trial period. Black noted that such updates could bring some tailwinds to TSLA stock.

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