Tesla to allow FSD transfers for ‘one more quarter,’ says Musk

Tesla to allow FSD transfers for ‘one more quarter,’ says Musk

Tesla’s Elon Musk FSD

Tesla will soon begin offering Full Self-Driving (FSD) transfers once again, according to a statement made by CEO Elon Musk during the company’s recent shareholder meeting.

During Tesla’s 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting on Thursday, Musk was asked if Tesla would be making FSD transfers permanent. While Musk seemed unconvinced as he mulled over a response, an audience member shouted that Tesla should allow FSD transfers for “just one more quarter,” to which Musk agreed.

“Okay, one more quarter,” Musk responded with a sigh. “We got it—one more quarter.”

To be sure, Tesla hasn’t yet shared any details on its plans to re-launch FSD transfers, though they’ll likely become available in Q3, as the second quarter is coming to a close.

Tesla began offering FSD transfers for the first time last year, as announced by CEO Elon Musk during the 2023 stockholders’ meeting. The announcement came in response to one investor asking if transfers of the service could be used as a demand lever, to which Musk responded by saying that Tesla would offer FSD transfers in the third quarter as a “one-time amnesty.”

Since then, Tesla has re-launched FSD transfers a couple of other times, starting with an announcement that it would do so in February. The incentive was originally set to take place until March 31, but when the deadline passed, it was reported that Tesla would again be offering FSD transfers after the original date.

The news comes ahead of Tesla’s plans to unveil an upcoming robotaxi platform in August, and as the company has been launching other FSD-related benefits over the past few months. In March, Tesla began offering one-month free trials of FSD for the first time, along with launching mandatory test drives with the software for new buyers.

With the arrival of Tesla’s highly anticipated v12Tesla dropped the “beta” moniker, instead calling the software FSD (Supervised). Tesla is also preparing to launch FSD in markets outside of North America, as reports this week suggested that the company would soon be debuting 10 pilot vehicles in China set to test the system on the country’s roads.

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