Tesla Sweden is delivering cars without license plates

Tesla Sweden is delivering cars without license plates

Tesla Sweden

Tesla Sweden has started delivering new cars without registered license plates amid IF Metall’s ongoing strike. 

With only a few days left until Christmas, Tesla customers in Sweden receive new vehicles without registered license plates. The license plates arrive a few days after customers take delivery of their new cars. With the current delivery process, Tesla customers cannot drive their new vehicles for a few days while waiting for the new license plates. 

Tesla Sweden’s ordeal with the new license plates results from Postnord’s refusal to deliver packages to the automaker’s facilities. The Swedish Transport Agency has complicated matters further after refusing to switch to a different courier company, claiming it has a contract with Postnord. 

The Texas-based automaker is suing Postnord and The Swedish Transport Agency. The court overseeing the Tesla vs. Postnord case initially permitted the automaker to pick up license plates directly from the manufacturer. However, the Swedish Transport Agency filed to appeal the decision. As of this writing, Tesla is not permitted to pick up the license plates for new car deliveries. 

Tesla Sweden and its customers have found ways to circumnavigate the issue. Now, Tesla customers sign a purchase agreement or leasing contract before delivery, transferring ownership of the vehicle to the buyer. As the car’s owner, the customers can have Postnord deliver their new registration license plates directly to their homes. The loophole is a win-win situation since Postnord maintains its blockade against Tesla, but customers still get their registered license plates. 

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