Tesla Sentry Mode improvements are coming

Tesla Sentry Mode improvements are coming

Tesla is planning to improve the Sentry Mode security feature on its vehicles, but the fixes and changes will have nothing to do with keeping your car and valuables safe.

Instead, Tesla is hoping to improve battery drain and efficiency of the Sentry Mode feature, which has been known to take range and battery life from the vehicle during operation.

Sentry Mode is a feature that records all events and occurrences near your Tesla, and has helped people solve everything from vandalism to liability in accidents.

A software update scheduled for the second quarter will hopefully solve some of the issues Sentry Mode is causing with energy consumption, he said.

“Sentry Model power consumption needs improvement, the team is working to reduce by ~40% in a Q2 software update,” Baglino said in a Tweet.

Sentry Mode is obviously a feature that is extremely valuable to owners, but it is not always active because some feel that the amount of energy it uses is more than it is worth.

The improvements to the efficiency of Sentry Mode should help owners keep the feature active more frequently, which will protect not only their cars but also the cars of other people around them.

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