Tesla Semi covers over 1,000 miles in a single day

Tesla Semi covers over 1,000 miles in a single day


A PepsiCo Tesla Semi successfully travelled over 1,000 miles during a single working day, as documented by the monitoring devices integrated into the vehicle as part of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) Run On Less initiative, a program designed to assess the practical efficiency of zero-emission commercial trucks.

The truck identified as “Tesla 3” recorded a total mileage of 1,076 miles during its journey and completed only one delivery.

As per the information provided by the Run On Less program, the Tesla’s Class 8 truck began its trip immediately after midnight, starting with a battery charge of 95%. This initial charge enabled it to cover a distance of 371.99 miles before requiring a recharge, which took place when the charge dropped to approximately 9.17%, around 6.45 AM.

Following a one hour recharge, the truck’s battery reached 47%. The truck resumed its journey shortly after, covering an additional 166 miles, which brought the charge down to 2.6%. A one and a half recharge brought the battery level up to 88.6%, allowing the semi to travel an additional 357 miles.

When the battery level dipped to 18%, the truck once again paused for a recharge. This final recharge brought the battery to 51.5%, enabling the semi to travel the final 167-mile segment of the day. The truck concluded its journey with a 15% battery life, just four seconds before midnight.

The data also reveals that this specific truck was in motion for 81.8 percent of the day, dedicated 11.1 percent of its time to recharging, and remained idle for 17 percent of the day.

During the second and third days of the program, the identical truck managed to travel a combined distance of 1,600 miles. It achieved this by covering approximately 800 miles each day and successfully completing a total of nine deliveries over this period.

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