Tesla releases FSD v12.3 beta

Tesla releases FSD v12.3 beta

Tesla has begun deploying its latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 12.3 to thousands of U.S. customers, with an expansion to Canada announced as imminent. This rollout marks a significant step in Tesla’s autonomous driving technology, further solidifying its position as a leader in the automotive industry.

Tesla Expands FSD Beta v12.3 Across the US, Previews Canadian Launch and HW4 Updates

In a website report of Teslarati, Teslascope, a close Tesla software follower, announced early Saturday morning that the FSD beta v12.3 is now being deployed to thousands of customer vehicles in the United States, including some on the East Coast. The account notes that all vehicles included in this wave of v12 deployment are running software versions 2023.44.30.8 and 2023.44.30.14.

Notably, the update is rolling out to FSD beta customers in every U.S. state, with many users in the thread reporting that they have gained access to the version in their region. In Canada, however, the update is only available to Tesla employees, though Teslascope anticipates that new FSD beta versions will be released soon.

Teslascope also stated in the thread that, for the first time, Tesla customers with HW4-equipped vehicles have yet to receive the new update, despite the version being rolled out to Tesla employees and a special testing group with HW4. When another person inquired whether this was due to performance issues with the HW4, Teslascope noted that the employees they’ve spoken with have only had positive things to say about the software.

Tesla began deploying the FSD beta v12.2.1 to customers about a month ago, and despite a few minor regressions, users were generally pleased with the software’s progress. Some cited the software version’s ability to comfortably make U-turns and low-visibility turns as significant improvements, with the v12 shift to full neural network control of the vehicle.

Last year, CEO Elon Musk stated that the FSD beta v12 would remove the “beta” designation. While current versions of v12 continue to include the distinction, Teslascope has indicated that it may be removed later this year. In December, as early versions of version 12 were being distributed to Tesla employees, Musk stated that the software required additional testing before being widely released.

Tesla’s FSD Beta Subscription Set to Navigate Canadian Roads, Awaiting Final Approval

According to a company executive, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta subscriptions could be available in Canada over the weekend.

On March 6, Tesla Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development Rohan Patel provided an update on X about when the FSD beta could be launched in Canada. He expects the rollout to take place in “the coming weeks, barring any setbacks.” He also said that CEO Elon Musk has already approved the Canada update, noting that the team is currently working on technical and regulatory procedures in the provinces.

The post was in response to a question posted on the Teslascope account a few weeks ago, in which the user inquired whether there was anything legally preventing Tesla from making the FSD beta available in Canada. Teslascope stated in the post that this is one of its followers’ most frequently asked questions, with the X user receiving the question “many times a month.”

Tesla Prepares for Global FSD Beta Expansion, Testing v12 Ahead of International Launch

While Patel did not specify the cost of the FSD beta subscription, it currently costs $199 per month in the United States or $99 for those with Enhanced Autopilot. In Canada, the FSD beta at-purchase option costs $16,000, but the ability to pay monthly allows owners to cancel the add-on at any time.

Tesla launched the FSD beta in Canada in 2022, but the subscription option has yet to be available. The statements also come after information about the FSD beta was discovered in Tesla owner’s manuals outside of North America last year, implying that the automaker may be planning to launch the system outside the United States and Canada. The company has recently gained regulatory traction for the system in Europe.

Tesla has also been testing its FSD beta v12 with select customers in preparation for a wider release of the highly anticipated software version. Musk stated last year that FSD v12 would not be in beta, and many expect the version to be released soon, as it has already been rolled out to Tesla employees since November.

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