Tesla owners report upgraded Model 3 deliveries

Tesla owners report upgraded Model 3 deliveries

Tesla Model 3

It appears that upgraded Tesla Model 3 deliveries have started. The revamped all-electric sedan’s delivery was reported in the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum, with a member who lived in California sharing a photo of a blue upgraded Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) that he just picked up.

The TMC member, who goes by the username @SoCalDude, owns multiple Teslas. When asked by members of the forum if there was a difference in the performance of the new Model 3 compared to the vehicle’s previous generation, the Tesla owner noted that the new car “feels more like the S on acceleration with a little less pull.”

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 owner also praised the vehicle’s ride quality, which is reportedly as good or perhaps even better than his Model S sedan. High marks were also given to the upgraded Model 3’s sound system, which reportedly provides “crystal clear and a phenomenal bass” from Tidal’s lossless tracks. “The car is absolutely amazing in every way,” the Tesla owner noted.

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 is arguably an exciting vehicle. While it is technically a refresh of a very successful and popular mainstream electric car, the improvements that Tesla implemented on the Model 3 are so substantial that reviewers have given the vehicle near-universal acclaim. Tesla worked on a variety of improvements for the new Model 3, from its exterior panels to its fully revamped cabin.

It is then unsurprising that the upgraded Model 3 seems to be getting quite a lot of attention. Over the past weeks, updates to Tesla’s official order page indicated that estimated delivery dates for new Model 3 orders are being pushed back. This suggested that Tesla may be receiving quite a bit of attention for its upgraded mainstream all-electric sedan.

Reservation holders also reported that their estimated delivery dates have been seeing updates, with some deliveries reportedly being scheduled for late January. As per the post from the TMC member, it does appear that customer deliveries of the new Model 3 really did start before January ended.

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