Tesla owners are facing problems

Tesla owners are facing problems

EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. (CBS) — Some Tesla drivers learned the hard way amid this frigid snap about how cold weather affects battery life.

At a charging station at The Evergreen Marketplace, at 9200 S. Western Ave. in Evergreen Park, Teslas were lined up early Monday morning. Some of the Teslas’ batteries died – leaving the cars sitting askew and immobile in the parking lot.

Driver said some of the charging stations weren’t working – and those that were working took a lot longer than usual to charge.

“I’ve been here for over five hours at this point, and I still have not gotten to charge my car,” said Tesla driver Brandon Welbourne. “A charge that should take 45 minutes is taking two hours.”

Welbourne said he saw at least 10 cars towed.

Tesla advises owners to keep the charge level above 20 percent during bitter cold weather.

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