Tesla Model S Plaid spotted being benchmarked at Ferrari’s Maranello factory

Tesla Model S Plaid spotted being benchmarked at Ferrari’s Maranello factory

Tesla Model S

Ferrari seems to be doing something very interesting at its Maranello facility. As per sightings from car enthusiasts, Ferrari seems to be benchmarking a Tesla Model S Plaid at the facility. The sighting of the all-electric performance sedan at Maranello is quite exciting as it hints at some progress in Ferrari’s electric vehicle program.

Videos of the Model S Plaid at Maranello were posted on social media platforms like Instagram. As could be seen in clips of the all-electric family sedan at the Prancing Horse’s facility, Ferrari is testing a Model S Plaid equipped with standard 19″ wheels. This is quite interesting considering Ferrari’s focus on performance, though it may also suggest that the supercar maker is studying the flagship Tesla’s efficiency.

While some avid Ferrari fans may still feel strongly against electric vehicles, the company itself seems to be embracing the emergence of EVs. As noted in an autoevolution report, Ferrari is also developing its own electric vehicle — one that was initially intended for 2023 but was eventually moved back to 2025.

The supercar maker seems to be setting the stage for its EV, with the company’s 2023 presentation referencing an “inauguration” of an “e-building.” Expectations are high that the facility would include a battery research and development center, which would likely be pivotal to the company’s electric vehicle efforts.

Interestingly enough, Ferrari is not the only supercar maker that has been spotted benchmarking a Tesla. Last year, Lamborghini was spotted benchmarking a Tesla Model X on public roads. Lamborghini’s benchmarking of the Tesla Model X was not that surprising, considering that just a few months prior to the all-electric SUV’s sighting, the supercar maker presented the Lanzador.

The Lanzador is expected to be Lamborghini’s first all-electric car. Poised to enter production around 2028, the Lanzador is a dual motor all-electric concept car with an SUV-like body and 2+2 seating. It also has substantial ground clearance.

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