Tesla Model S Plaid Racer Mike Dusold Talks Racing His Plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid Racer Mike Dusold Talks Racing His Plaid

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Tesla Model S Plaid owner and racer Mike Dusold recently shared his thoughts on racing and his Model S Plaid with Gail Alfar in her new blog, What’s Up Tesla? Gail recently launched her new blog to expand her own passion for Tesla and its move to her city, Austin, TX. In this post, she chatted with Dusold while he was at his shop in Lewisville, TX. Gail also noted that Dusold would compete on the track at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in the fourth annual Super Lap Battle time attack event that took place over the weekend. Gail wrote:

“This is important because it is the first time a Plaid will compete in the event in Austin.”

Dusold told Gail that he had been competing for nine years. He started racing motorcycles and moved to cars because he kept getting injured. His Tesla Model S Plaid is the first Tesla he’s ever owned. Gail pointed out that it’s one of the safest cars ever made.

Dusold told Gail that he was excited about the upcoming race and that he recently took his Plaid to COTA to practice. It happened to be raining and he did 163 miles per hour in the rain. “The car handles it well.”

The only modifications that Dusold made were the installation of new brakes and tires. There are no plans to install a roll bar, so he didn’t remove the backseat. When asked how he thought the Plaid, a stock production car, would perform against several finely tuned combustion cars, he replied, “I know there are other cars that may go faster, I am going because I want to compete with the Plaid. I think it is better on the track.”

Gail added, “Mike Dusold is helping to break new ground. As more and more racers switch from combustion engines to electric, we can expect to see more drivers competing for first place in Teslas.

“As Mike races his Plaid, Tesla Giga Texas, which lies just up the road from COTA, moves towards certification of the first Model Y vehicles made in Texas. It is a milestone for Tesla to begin mass production of the Model Y in Texas.”

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