Tesla Model 3 Performance: everything we know

Tesla Model 3 Performance: everything we know

Tesla is on the verge of unveiling its most potent iteration of the Model 3, dubbed the ‘Ludicrous’ by eagle-eyed fans.

This new high-performance electric vehicle (EV) has been well-publicised with its fair share of leaks and sightings, the most recent of which involved Tesla itself.

Ahead of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance’s official reveal, here’s everything we know about what promises to be a noteworthy addition to Tesla’s lineup.

Enhanced driving dynamics

Tesla’s newest performance EV builds on last year’s Model 3 ‘Highland’ refresh, which delivered new features and a range of exterior, interior and tech refinements.

This iteration of the Model 3 Performance takes everything further with significant advancements designed to amplify driving pleasure without compromising comfort.

Official documents indicate the presence of an all-new adaptive damping system powered by bespoke software that ensures superior body control.

This system blends seamlessly with Tesla’s latest generation driving mode, integrating adaptive suspension controls with a performance-optimised powertrain for a more stimulating driving experience.

In addition, the vehicle will have a revamped braking system with improved pedal feel and heat management for consistent performance in varying conditions.

Track Mode V3

For those who love the thrill of the racetrack, Track Mode V3 promises to be a new favourite feature.

This iteration offers advanced calibration of the powertrain and adaptive suspension, providing drivers with enhanced control.

Users can tailor handling balance, stability controls, and regenerative braking to their preferences, making the Model 3 Performance a high-precision tool on the track.

Exterior and interior enhancements

As for design, the Model 3 Ludicrous sports new front and rear bumpers and a front splitter, with forged performance wheels contributing to a lighter, more aerodynamic design.

The lightweight carbon fibre decor and refined weave pattern also add a touch of elegance and performance enhancement.

Tesla hasn’t held back on upgrades inside the cabin, either. The new Model 3 Performance will feature new sports seats with improved side and cushion bolsters for better support during high-speed manoeuvres, coupled with a ventilation system to keep the driver cool under pressure.

Performance specs

While official specs are yet to be confirmed, leaks suggest that the new drive units will deliver over 500hp (373kW), although the source doesn’t reveal acceleration figures just yet. Still, evidence suggests a 0 to 100km/h time of three seconds or under, which would make the new model about half a second quicker than its predecessor.

If accurate, these figures would position the new Model 3 Performance as potentially the electric sedan’s fastest and most powerful version yet.

Imminent launch

Tesla has started teasing the 2024 Model 3 Performance more openly, with updates to its parts catalogue and app renderings.

Prototypes sporting minimal camouflage hint at an imminent launch, with insiders speculating a reveal date as soon as this week.

Tesla fans and potential buyers should mark their calendars for what could be one of the most significant (and much-needed) releases in the EV market this year.

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