Tesla Model 3 in Quicksilver now available for Giga Shanghai-supplied locations

Tesla Model 3 in Quicksilver now available for Giga Shanghai-supplied locations

Countries that are supplied by Tesla Giga Shanghai can now order the reengineered Model 3 sedan in Quicksilver paint. Quicksilver is one of Tesla’s most stunning paint options, and it was initially only available on Model Y units that areproduced at Giga Berlin.

As could be seen in Tesla’s order page for the reengineered Model 3 sedan in China, Quicksilver is now available as a paint option for the vehicle. The paint option is quite reasonably priced too, as it costs just RMB 12,000 ($1,650), the same price as Ultra Red, which was launched in the United States.

Images released by Tesla of the reengineered Model 3 sedan in Quicksilver are simply stunning. Quicksilver is one of two special paint options that were released for the Giga Berlin-made Model Y in October 2022. At the time, Tesla noted that Quicksilver was created from Giga Berlin’s advanced paint shop, which allows up to 13 layers for depth, dimension, and a hand-painted look.

Quicksilver is a highly pigmented metallic paint that is designed to change depending on viewing angle and light, making it a great match for the reengineered Tesla Model 3. This is especially the case with the new Tesla Model 3 Performance, since the vehicle features an extra aggressive front and rear end — both of which will only be highlighted by Quicksilver’s depth and dimension.

Since its launch, Quicksilver has been released to Model Y vehicles that are built in Giga Shanghai, and more recently, Giga Texas, though only in limited quantities. Aerial footage from China suggests that Quicksilver has been a very popular option for the Model Y. Thus, it would not be surprising if the paint option also becomes very popular for the reengineered Model 3 sedan.

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