Tesla Model 3 Highland spotted with significant changes

Tesla Model 3 Highland spotted with significant changes

A Tesla Model 3 Highland test vehicle was spotted on the Fremont test track, and significant interior design changes were spotted in the process.

While the Model 3 is no longer Tesla’s best-selling vehicle, it is still a key sales contributor and the better option for customers looking for something smaller, more sporty, or more affordable. Now, as the Model 3’s next-generation looms in the not-so-distant future, a next-generation test vehicle has been spotted in testing on the Fremont test track in California.

The drone footage showing the Model 3 Highland still in testing was posted to Youtube this morning by Caliber197, showing the vehicle doing some laps on the Fremont test track and being parked shortly thereafter.

Watching the Model 3 carve through the corners is truly mesmerizing, but viewers of the video have made one critical observation. When the drone shortly hovers over the vehicle as it is about to begin another round of testing, the driver is seen swiping upward on the screen instead of interacting with the stalk that the current Model 3 uses as a gear selector. This observation was quickly posted to Reddit and has received countless comments and upvotes since then.

Besides the change in gear selector, other users noted a possible change to the Model 3’s steering wheel, with the new variant looking similar to the wheel found on the Tesla Semi.

Tesla has not yet confirmed or teased any specifications or design changes coming to the next-generation Model 3. However, that is expected to change in short order as the “Project Highland” is set to hit the production line in the coming year, though it remains unclear when the vehicle will go up for sale.

Today’s most recent spotting follows a series of viral images and videos of the vehicle being posted across the internet in recent weeks. Most notably, one test vehicle was unearthed by a user on Reddit, showing off a facelifted front facia and altered headlights. Much like the rest of the images and videos posted in recent weeks, this has not been confirmed but does share some similarities with previously spotted test vehicles from earlier in the year.

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