Tesla Model 3 Highland may finally be released in US

Tesla Model 3 Highland may finally be released in US

Tesla’s secretive testing of the Fremont-built Model 3 Highland hints at an imminent North American launch.

Tesla enthusiasts and industry watchers have been excited as sightings of Tesla Model 3 Highland prototypes being tested in the U.S. hint at an imminent North American launch for the refreshed electric sedan.

Despite initially being launched in the summer of 2023, the Model 3 Highland has been exclusively produced at Gigafactory Shanghai, leaving North American customers waiting for their turn to experience the revamped version.

Chinese badging as a decoy

Previously, U.S. sightings of Model 3 Highland test vehicles featured Chinese badging, sparking confusion about Tesla’s intentions.

However, a closer inspection by the vigilant Redditor vanshv2003 revealed that these vehicles, initially believed to be imported from China, were built at Tesla’s Fremont factory. Tesla employed a clever decoy strategy by using Chinese badges on these test vehicles, keeping the actual production location under wraps.

The unveiling of these prototypes in the U.S., with some spotted at the Fremont factory, has heightened speculation about an official announcement regarding North American production.

An in-depth analysis of the Model 3 Highland prototypes spotted in Fremont revealed U.S.-specific Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) starting with 5YJ. This discovery and other American production indicators, such as Hankook tires, suggest that Tesla is closer to North American customer production than previously thought.

The VIN details, distinct from those of vehicles produced in China, point to a potential official announcement by the end of the month, possibly during the Q4 2023 earnings call, with deliveries expected to commence in March.

Model Y updates are in the pipeline

In addition to the Model 3 refresh, Tesla is expected to update the Model Y in China, with plans for the improved electric SUV to make its way to North America later. These developments underline Tesla’s commitment to enhancing its product lineup and expanding its offerings in key markets worldwide.

As the automotive community eagerly awaits an official announcement from Tesla, the sightings of Fremont-built Model 3 Highland prototypes have sparked renewed excitement and anticipation among North American customers eager to get behind the wheel of the updated electric sedan.

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