Tesla Launches New Vision-based Autopark

Tesla Launches New Vision-based Autopark

Today, alongside update 2024.20.6, Tesla has launched its new vision-based Autopark feature to vehicles with and without USS (Ultrasonic Sensors), outside of North America.


This is the first time that the vision Autopark update has come to countries outside North America, and we have confirmed that it is currently available in European countries including Spain, Germany, France, and Italy, amongst others.

It could also be available outside of Europe, but we haven’t had confirmation yet. The specific hardware of your vehicle doesn’t matter much. It’s being made available on vehicles with HW3 or higher, Intel and AMD-based vehicles and for vehicles with and without ultrasonic sensors.

However, it does require Enhanced Autopilot or Tesla’s Full Self-Driving package on your vehicle.

Vision Autopark Features

This newest iteration of vision Autopark is quite unique and comes alongside new visuals. However, High-Fidelity Park Assist is unique to AMD processors – which displays a 3D reconstruction of your surroundings. On Intel vehicles, a top-down 2D view will be displayed instead (differences between Intel and AMD Autopark visuals).

Vision Autopark is much faster than the old USS-based Autopark, and far more accurate. It can also park in tighter spots than before, being just slightly wider than the maximum width of the vehicle you’re driving.

Keep in mind that the new vision-based Autopark still functions for backing into parking spots, and for parallel parking. It does not support driving face-in to parking spots nor diagonal parking spots at this time.

This marks the first time that Autopark is available on vehicles without ultrasonic sensors outside of North America. Looking forward, given that vision Autopark has arrived for vehicles outside of North America, there is a good chance that Smarter Summon, Park Seek, and Banish Autopark will likely also come to these vehicles when it rolls presumably in an upcoming FSD release soon.

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