Tesla is Hollywood’s favorite car by a mile: study

Tesla is Hollywood’s favorite car by a mile: study

A study from UK automotive marketplace Auto Trader has revealed something very interesting. Despite the general lack of traditional advertising and the absence of prolific brand deals, Tesla’s electric vehicles have become Hollywood’s favorite electric cars.

As per Auto Trader UK‘s research, which analyzed the most popular EVs that have been featured in movies, TV shows, and music videos, Tesla’s vehicle lineup has all but conquered Hollywood’s electric car appearances. This was true for Tesla’s existing vehicle offerings, as well as the car that started it all for the company — the original Tesla Roadster.

Even among Teslas, the flagship Model S sedan holds a lead over all electric cars in the study with an impressive 419 appearances over the years. The Model 3 is Hollywood’s second most-popular Tesla, with the all-electric sedan accumulating 167 appearances. The Model X was listed with 149 appearances, and the Model Y crossover was listed with a rather conservative 38 appearances. Tesla’s first car, the original Roadster, was featured 46 times over the years.

Auto Trader’s study did not only analyze the number of times that an electric vehicle was featured in Hollywood. The group also determined each electric vehicle’s screen time. With this in mind, it is the original Tesla Roadster that leads the pack, with 37% of its on-screen appearances being prolonged. In comparison, just 24% of the Model S, 26% of the Model X, 18% of the Model Y, and 8% of the Model 3’s appearances were prolonged.

Auto Trader Editorial Director Erin Baker, in a comment, noted that the appearances of electric vehicles in Hollywood makes EVs more appealing to buyers.

“What we see on screen has significant power in influencing our lifestyle choices, even affecting our big purchasing decisions. This is particularly true for cars, with the silver screen spotlight managing to make cars look sleeker and more appealing than ever. We’re thrilled to see that so many electric vehicles have been featured in hugely popular shows and blockbuster movies, with exposure like this crucial in helping to pave the way towards a greener future and sparking a collective shift towards electric vehicles,” Baker said.

It’s not just Teslas that are attracting Hollywood’s attention, of course. Among the EVs that Auto Trader analyzed, the Nissan Leaf also stands out as the vehicle just below the Model S, with 194 appearances, 19% of which were prolonged. Also quite interesting is the fact that the Honda e only had 14 appearances, but 43% of them were prolonged. The same is true for the Audi e-tron Sportback, which had 12 appearances, 42% of which were prolonged.

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