Tesla investor Ross Gerber calls Warren Buffett a ‘tough as nails businessman’

Tesla investor Ross Gerber calls Warren Buffett a ‘tough as nails businessman’

Prominent Tesla Inc. investor Ross Gerber recalled his story about meeting Warren Buffett after his investment conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  pared its Apple holdings in Q1.

What Happened: Gerber shared a story about meeting Buffett during the 2008 financial crisis, admiring the legendary investor’s knack for sticking to his guns when it comes to making business decisions.

Gerber recounted his experience with Buffett when he asked the Berkshire CEO if he had “any interest in bailing out AIG” during the 2008 financial crisis.

Buffett shot back with a one-word response, saying, “No.”

“What I did see that night was that nice looking calm older man was really a tough as nails businessman who got there by no accident.”

He emphasized the importance of “studying Buffett and Munger,” suggesting it should be its business class.

“Don’t let that soft mid-western demeanor fool you. Buffett is a shark!”

Why It Matters: Gerber’s admiration for Buffett comes at a time when Berkshire has reduced its stake in Apple Inc.  by 18% in Q1, sparking speculation about the tech giant’s future.

Tech billionaire and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk also expressed surprise at the amount of cash Berkshire Hathaway had on its books, going ahead to say it’s an “obvious move” for Buffett to “take a position” in his company.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook is bullish about the company’s AI prospects, with a $100 billion investment in research and development over the past five years.

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