Tesla introduces discounts for businesses

Tesla introduces discounts for businesses

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Electric automaker , Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced Monday that they have implemented additional discounts for business customers in Germany, signaling the company’s increasingly aggressive pricing strategy.

According to a company representative, fleet buyers can now take advantage of an extra 2,250 euro ($2,447) discount. This incentive applies to all immediate orders of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, which must be delivered by the conclusion of August.

Including government subsidies, rebates can now total as much as 9,750 euros — about 30 percent of the price of a Model 3 and roughly 25 percent of a Model Y.

The timing of this offer aligns with the remaining months of a government program designed for businesses, set to expire on September 1st. Afterward, the bonus will exclusively be available to private customers.

Despite the negative impact on profitability earlier this year, Tesla has expressed its intention to continue reducing prices in order to boost demand. It’s worth noting that similar strategies have proven to be counterproductive for other car manufacturers in the past.

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