Tesla hints at creating a new model

Tesla hints at creating a new model

TSLA Tesla Model 3

Tesla hints at making a new “Plaid” top performance Model 3 in its updated owner’s manual for the Highland version of the electric sedan.

The situation around the Model 3 is frustrating for North American buyers as Tesla updated the popular electric sedan with the new Highland version last month, but it is only available in Europe and Asia.

Now Tesla is making things even more confusing or interesting depending on your point of view.

The automaker just released the owner’s manual and parts catalog for the new Highland Model 3 and internet sleuths have been going through it to find new details about it.

One of them, The Kilowatts, found a reference to a performance version of the updated Model 3, and there’s even an image of the badging of the Ludicrous mode and references to “Plaid”:

Plaid is the top performance version of the Model S and Model X, but when asked if the Model 3 or Model Y would ever get a “Plaid” version, Tesla CEO Elon Musk always said no. He prefers to reserve this moniker for the top-of-the-line flagship models.

It’s possible that the Plaid badge in the owner’s manual is an error and this is just a new version of the Model 3 Performance.

Regardless, it sounds like it will feature a different suspension, which was already improved with the Model 3 Highland, and new sport brakes, and new wheels.

The new wheel looks to be very minimalist and lightweight. It is a brand-new design for Tesla.

There’s no additional detail on this possible Model 3 Plaid, but we might learn more soon as Tesla is expected to start to deliver the new Long Range AWD version of the Model 3 in Europe and Asia any day.

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