Tesla has installed its 2000th charging stall in Norway

Tesla has installed its 2000th charging stall in Norway

SKEI, NORWAY - AUGUST 12: Tesla cars stand at a Tesla Supercharger charging station on August 12, 2020 in Skei, Norway. Norway has the highest percentage of electric cars per capita in the world. In March, 2020, all-electric electric car sales accounted for 55.9% of new car sales. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images,)

Tesla has reached a new milestone in Norway Supercharger deployments, and the company celebrated by giving the charging stall a special wrap.

On Monday, Tesla posted photos of its 2,000th Supercharger stall in Norway, as shared on the company’s charging account on X. The charging stall features a wrap with the Norwegian flag, along with the number 2,000 to highlight the achievement.

In addition, the site marks the 15th Supercharger stall near V√łringsfossen, the country‚Äôs best-known waterfall, as Tesla notes in the post.

Tesla has also celebrated other Supercharger milestones with special wraps in the past. In March, the company shared a similar wrap for the 500th Supercharger stall in Denmark, featuring the Danish flag.

Last September, Tesla also launched a scavenger hunt for the 50,000th Supercharger stall in the world by posting a photo of the Ultra Red-painted charger on social media. The stall turned out to be located at the company’s Supercharger station in Roseville, California.

Norway has the highest electric vehicle (EV) adoption of any country in the world, with 82 percent of the country’s automotive sales being battery-electric in 2023. Tesla sold 23,088 Model Y units in Norway last year, topping the country’s auto sales charts for the third year in a row. The next closest rival was the Volkswagen ID.4 with just 6,614 units sold.

The Supercharger milestone also comes despite labor efforts and pressure from union IF Metall in nearby Sweden, with some sympathy strikes even spreading to Norway late last year. Despite this, Tesla has maintained strong sales in both markets, and has managed to continue installing Superchargers in the countries amid significant labor blockades.

Last year, Norwegian auto outlet Motor also named Tesla’s updated Model 3 the best car you can buy in Norway, and the company even debuted the vehicle in the country, which seems fitting for it being the auto market with the highest market share of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs).

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