Tesla FSD v12 beta may be released

Tesla FSD v12 beta may be released

Tesla FSD Beta V9

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 12 has been a hot topic over the last several months, representing an important switch that’s expected to help unlock higher levels of autonomy. And while the highly anticipated FSD v12 hasn’t yet been deployed publicly, some think that it could go out to a wider audience by the end of this month.

Last month, Tesla began rolling out the FSD beta v12.1 to Wave1, a group made up of over 15,000 employee vehicles. CEO Elon Musk went on to say that Tesla is currently performing extra testing on v12 before the software sees a wider release to the public.

In a recent look at where the FSD beta v12 is at ahead of its release, Teslascope shared a detailed breakdown of events leading up to this point on X over the weekend, adding that they’re “hopeful” that the software will be released sometime in late January. In addition, the account says that Tesla has begun internal tests of Actually Smart Summon (ASS), which has a “very likely chance” of going out later on in the first quarter.

Teslascope also points to recent feedback on the FSD beta v12 received from employees in the Wave1 group, with most answering that the software did indeed include some substantial improvements. These are summarized below, based on at least a dozen reviews shared with Teslascope from employees in California:

Tesla FSD beta v12.1: improvements to “human-like behavior” and general stability

  • 72 percent said FSD beta v12.1 includes improvements in “human-like behavior” and general stability.
  • 20 percent said there was no change to “human-like behavior” and general stability.
  • 8 percent said these factors had worsened.

Tesla FSD beta v12.1: improvements to roundabout encounters

  • ~40 percent said FSD beta v12.1 improved roundabout encounters had improved.
  • ~50 percent said there was no change to roundabout encounters.
  • ~10 percent said these factors had worsened.

Tesla FSD beta v12.1: improvements to lane-keeping

  • 37 percent said FSD beta v12.1 offered improvements to lane-keeping.
  • 60 percent said there was no change to lane-keeping.
  • 3 percent said these factors had worsened.

Despite the hopefulness, the account also notes that the Cybertruck release has caused Tesla to put some extra energy into creating a stable FSD beta build for the vehicle, though Musk recently noted that the electric pickup would be the lowest priority for the FSD beta. Because of the extra effort put into this, the account says that delays could be possible and that they’re continuing to monitor the ongoing deployment of the version to those within the Wave1 group.

Tesla unveiled plans for the FSD beta v12 last year, featuring the elimination of over 300,000 lines of human-written code that previously controlled functions such as steering, acceleration and braking. Instead, v12 is expected to rely much more heavily on its neural network, training its artificial intelligence (AI) through massive amounts of real-time driving footage, and using the neural network to actually control the vehicle, rather than just detecting objects.

Musk also debuted the FSD beta v12 in a live stream in August, and he has also said that the version would lose its “beta” designation. Tesla began rolling FSD v12 out to employees in November, and screenshots from the Wave1 group appeared to show that the version will still use the beta moniker.

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