Tesla Expands Cybertruck Customization Options

Tesla Expands Cybertruck Customization Options

Tesla has broadened its customization offerings for the Cybertruck, unveiling six new wrap colors that are available for purchase. This addition expands the color palette to 11, catering to customers’ growing desire for personalization and unique aesthetics for their electric vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck Gets a Colorful Makeover with Eleven Wrap Options, Including Six New Hues

This week, Tesla unveiled six exclusives of new Cybertruck wrap colors on its web store, elevating the total number of options to an impressive 11, per Teslarati. The new wrap colors, priced at $6,500, are forest green, satin crimson red, iridescent purple, tactical green, satin dark grey, and copper-tinted clear.

Below are all eleven of Tesla’s color paint film options for the Cybertruck, with the new colors in bold and pictured beneath them.

  • Forest Green ($6,500)
  • Satin Rose Gold ($6,500)
  • Satin Abyss Blue ($6,500)
  • Slip Grey ($6,000)
  • Satin Stealth Black ($6,000)
  • Satin Ceramic White ($6,000)
  • Satin Crimson Red ($6,500)
  • Iridescent Purple ($6,500)
  • Tactical Green ($6,500)
  • Satin Dark Grey ($6,500)
  • Copper Tinted Clear ($6,500)

These are the most recent wrap colors to hit the market since Tesla introduced satin rose gold, satin abyss blue, and slip grey options last month. Tesla also added a new colored wrap option for the Model 3 and Model Y in January after introducing the service last year.

Tesla Enhances Service Offerings with Nationwide Wrap Services and Transparent Film Option

In addition to colored Cybertruck wraps, a tipster reported that Tesla offers a transparent satin film on its website for $5,000. All purchase prices include the cost of materials and installation, and Tesla states that it will provide buyers with a loaner vehicle during the installation process.

Although Tesla initially introduced wraps for its vehicles at a few California locations, the automaker also debuted wraps at a service center outside of California for the first time. In addition to locations in West Covina, Oceanside, Costa Mesa, and Santa Clara, California, the automaker now provides Cybertruck and other wrap services at its Collision South facility in Austin, Texas.

Cybertrucks with unique wrap designs were spotted last year, leading to the official launch of the electric vehicle (EV) in November. Multiple sources reported in October that Tesla would likely offer Cybertruck wraps within six months of its launch, just one day after the automaker introduced Model 3 and Model Y wraps.

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