Tesla Ends Referral Program

Tesla Ends Referral Program

“Vehicle products and solar panels are no longer eligible for referral awards.”

That language popped up on Tesla’s website over the weekend, putting an end to the automaker’s referral program.

The electric car builder used generous referral benefits to help it grow from an unknown startup into the company that sold 79% of new EVs registered in the U.S. last year. Benefits have shifted frequently as Tesla has grown. At one point, top referrers were eligible for a free Roadster.

In its most recent form, the program gave 1,000 miles of free Supercharging to owners who refered a friend who bought their own Tesla. Tesla owners are still eligible to claim that perk if their referral resulted in a new order by Friday, Sept. 17.

Referral rewards may come back in some form. Earlier this year, Elecktrek reported that Tesla planned to revamp the referral program, so taking it down may be a temporary step while the rules are updated. We’ll update the story if that happens.

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