Tesla driver actually flips over a Cybertruck in MS

Tesla driver actually flips over a Cybertruck in MS

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It takes a lot to flip a 6,600-pound steel triangle. But with a human behind the wheel, even unlikely circumstances could happen. This seems to have been the case with a Tesla Cybertruck in Vicksburg, MS, as the vehicle ended up flipping over. Fortunately, the steel all-electric pickup truck protected its occupants very well.

As noted in a livestream from the Vicksburg Daily News, the Tesla Cybertruck was traveling north along Mission 66 in front of the Chamber of Commerce when the vehicle seemingly failed to make a turn. While details about the incident are scarce, debris on the road suggests that the Cybertruck driver might have tried and failed to make the turn on the road at high speed, resulting in the vehicle hitting a steep embankment and flipping over.

Four people were reportedly in the Cybertruck when the crash happened. As per the local news report’s livestream, three of the Cybetruck’s occupants were able to walk away from the accident unharmed, while a fourth was transported to a medical facility for minor injuries on one arm. Footage of the Cybertruck crash’s aftermath shows that the vehicle’s cabin also looked quite intact.

Comments from social media users in the Vicksburg Daily News’ livestream noted that the Cybertruck was quite an attraction in the city prior to the incident. Others also observed that the area where the Cybertruck flipped over had been the site of crashes in the past. Other users also claimed that they had seen the same Cybertruck driving at high speed. Such comments led some users to speculate that the Cybertruck driver might have been driving too fast before the crash.

If there is one thing that cannot be blamed for this recent incident, it would be Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system. Tesla crashes tend to attract attention, and whenever they hit mainstream news, speculations about whether the vehicle was traveling using FSD typically emerge. This cannot be the case with this Cybertruck crash, as FSD is yet to be released for the all-electric pickup truck.

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