Tesla Cybertruck will have to wait

Tesla Cybertruck will have to wait

Innovation in the automotive field never ceases to amaze, and Tesla remains at the forefront of this technological revolution. However, users of the highly anticipated Cybertruck will have to wait a few more months before being able to benefit from the supervised fully autonomous driving (FSD) system. The move highlights Tesla’s current priorities and the challenges inherent in deploying such advanced technologies.

Tesla’s Focus On Models S, 3, X, Y

Tesla has made it clear that its teams are currently focused on improving the FSD system for its Models S, 3, X and Y, which represent “99% of the fleet.” This strategy seems logical from a commercial and technical point of view, given the size of this fleet in circulation and the maturity of these models on the market. Optimizing FSD for these vehicles allows Tesla not only to refine its system on a large scale but also to collect valuable data on various driving scenarios.

Why Is The Cybertruck On Hold?

The Cybertruck, with its futuristic design and unique features, represents a distinct challenge for FSD integration. On the one hand, its dimensions and design could require specific adjustments in FSD technology to ensure smooth and efficient integration. On the other hand, the fact that the Cybertruck is not yet massively deployed gives Tesla room to refine the system before its integration.

The Implications Of This Delay

This delay in the implementation of FSD for the Cybertruck could have repercussions on the public perception of the vehicle and on Tesla’s commercial strategy. Potential Cybertruck customers, attracted by innovation and high technology, could be disappointed by this delay. However, this expectation could also build anticipation and ensure that the final product is free of major issues, aligning user expectations with the reality of the product.


In summary, while the wait may frustrate some Tesla fans, it reflects a cautious, quality-focused approach. Tesla recognizes the importance of not rushing the deployment of technologies as sophisticated as FSD. By focusing its efforts on models already widely adopted, Tesla not only ensures continuous improvement of its technologies, but also prepares the ground for a successful integration of FSD into the Cybertruck in the months to come. This strategy could well be the key to maintaining its leading position in automotive innovation.

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