Tesla Cybertruck rescues Ford F-150 that got stuck in snow

Tesla Cybertruck rescues Ford F-150 that got stuck in snow

Tesla Cybertruck Ford F-150

The Tesla Cybertruck is not a perfect vehicle, and it has been subjected to much mockery over the past months for its alleged failings. These include the all-electric pickup truck’s alleged incapability in snowy conditions, which were partly pushed by videos of the Cybertruck getting stuck in snow and being rescued by other pickup trucks.

The narrative surrounding the Cybertruck’s alleged “useless” off-road capabilities has been so notable that a number of media outlets have dubbed the all-electric pickup truck as the “Cyberstuck.” This was despite EV owners and off-road drivers stating that all pickup trucks can and will get stuck in snow under the right conditions. Others also argued that the driver is a huge factor in whether a vehicle gets stuck off-road or not.

Sure enough, a recent video has recently emerged highlighting this point. Shared on YouTube by the Cars9to5 channel, the short clip featured the Tesla Cybertruck pulling out a Ford F-150 pickup truck that happened to be stuck in snow. As noted in the YouTube channel’s description, the driver of the F-150 seemed inexperienced, and traction control didn’t seem to be cooperating at the time. Thus, the Cybertruck driver decided to help out the other pickup truck.

“Short bystander video of me (Cybertruck) helping an F-150 get unstuck from a snow mound. The driver of the Ford seemed quite inexperienced. He did put it in 4WD/4LO, but traction control was not cooperating it seemed. Not sure if he had a rear locker either. Was a very impromptu recovery, so I didn’t really think of getting better footage,” the YouTube channel owner wrote in the video’s description.

Reactions to the Cybertruck video were polarizing, with some critics claiming that the whole scene was staged and others arguing that the all-electric pickup truck would not have done better if it was the one in the snowy area. But that’s exactly the point in these scenarios. Vehicles do get stuck in snow or mud or sand all the time, and they get rescued from their predicament just as often.

The fact that the F-150 could be seen spinning its front tires while it was being pulled by the Cybertruck shows that the drama surrounding the “Cyberstuck” incidents that have been widely reported is unwarranted. And considering that pickup truck drivers will continue to take their vehicles off-road, instances of Cybertrucks being stuck, or Cybertrucks helping other pickups, are only bound to be more prevalent.

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