Tesla Cybertruck production leaps ahead

Tesla Cybertruck production leaps ahead

Tesla Cybertruck production is closer than ever, thanks to the delivery of a massive final component of a stamping machine.

The Tesla Cybertruck production project has captivated and occasionally annoyed fans and investors alike. Countless new machines, an entirely new production area, and much more have all come together to host the highly anticipated vehicle. Now, the Tesla Cybertruck is closer to production than ever, thanks to the delivery of the final massive piece of what looks to be a stamping machine.

The stamping component was first spotted by Joe Tegtmeyer on Twitter, who monitors the Tesla Giga Austin facility for changes week to week.

As seen in the image and noted by Tegtmeyer, the final component is just outside the massive Cybertruck production area, where it will likely be transported inside in short order. Following its short trip indoors, the stamping component will be assembled into the machine that produces the body panels of the Cybertruck.

It should be noted that, while similar, this component is likely not designed for the fabled Giga Press, which will be casting the Cybertruck’s internal frame. Instead, this machine will take existing stainless steel paneling and stamp it into form before being mounted to the battery and inner truck frame.

Ahead of the long-awaited production of the Cybertruck, Tesla has only further tantalized fans by introducing a Cybertruck raffle to its loot box program, allowing customers to spend points for the chance to win one of the first models.

Further hinting at the imminent arrival of the Cybertruck, the vehicle has made an increasing number of public appearances in recent weeks, including at the Tesla lithium refinery event, in which the truck reportedly got stuck in the mud leaving the event. Privately, Tesla has also taken the Cybertruck on increasing laps around its test track in Fremont, California.

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