Tesla Cybertruck Owners Already Blighted By Rust

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Already Blighted By Rust

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The Tesla Cybertruck has only just started rolling off the line in small numbers, but owners are already complaining. They say that their shiny new truck is quickly losing its luster, as specks of rust have started forming on their stainless steel bodies.

The issue was first brought up by forum users on cybertruckownersclub.com. A user going by the name Raxar started a thread complaining that shortly after picking up their new Tesla, and after just two days of rain, the surface of their truck had started forming small flecks of rust.

“I picked it up in Dublin [California] yesterday (Thursday) it was pouring raining, drove it up to Sacramento and there’s a bunch of tiny orange specks and a few water spots,” Raxar wrote. “The orange dots aren’t huge, they’re very tiny but they’re apparent. Sure I haven’t washed the car yet but it’s only been two days in the rain.”

Raxar’s post immediately led to speculation, as some members guessed that it might not be rust, and might instead be pollen, rail shavings from train tracks, or that the rust might be caused by carbon shavings in the factory. Raxar’s experience wasn’t unique, though, and others have shared similar stories.

User vertigo3pc wrote that they received their Cybertruck on February 1 and noticed similar orange rust forming on its body. They decided to document it and bring it to Tesla’s attention.

“Speaking with someone at the facility, they told me 1) they have a procedure/guidance for how to fix it, but 2) they don’t have the tools on hand, nor have they done this repair before,” the user wrote. “They documented the corrosion, and told me they’ll give me a call next month when the tools have arrived and they can perform the service/repair.”

Indeed, the user’s manual warns drivers that the stainless steel body panels on the Cybertruck can develop corrosion under certain circumstances, reports Futurism. To prevent damage, it recommends “immediately” removing substances like grease, oil, bird droppings, tree resin, dead insects, tar, road salt, and more. Moreover, it states that owners should “not wait until Cybertruck is due for a complete wash.”

While no vehicle is completely resistant to corrosion, the speed with which these customers have experienced rust is noteworthy, especially because these owners say they live in California. Farther north, where road salt is more commonly used, this could prove to be an even bigger problem. It also suggests that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s claims that the company had put the toughest part of the truck on the outside to make it more resilient may have been overblown.

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