When will the Tesla Cybertruck arrive in North America?

When will the Tesla Cybertruck arrive in North America?

It seems like the Tesla Cybertruck may be coming to international markets after all. During the 2024 Cyber Roundup, also known as the Tesla 2024 Annual Stockholders Meeting, CEO Elon Musk noted that the brutalist all-electric pickup truck could be certified for other markets sometime in 2025.

Since it was unveiled in late 2019, Tesla critics have claimed that the Cybertruck would never be sold outside North America since it would never pass safety standards in regions like Europe. It was then quite unsurprising that during the 2024 Cyber Roundup, a Tesla shareholder asked if it would be possible to sell the Cybertruck internationally.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained that selling the Cybertruck to countries outside North America would indeed be possible, though it is something that would probably be done after the vehicle’s production has been fully ramped. This was because adapting the Cybertruck to foreign markets would require some serious work to ensure that the vehicle is fully compliant to a region’s regulations.

“We might be able to certify it for other markets sometime next year. For sure, this year, it’s just North America. We did design the car to North American requirements because if you start going with the superset of all international requirements, it forces a lot of constraints on Cybertruck that would make the product, frankly, worse. So I think we’ll need to make a special version that is, for example, a China-compliant or Europe-compliant. But it really doesn’t make sense to add that complexity until we’ve achieved a higher volume production on the Cybertruck,” Musk said.

The CEO did highlight, however, that the Cybertruck’s demand seems to extend far beyond North America. It would just be a matter of achieving enough cost efficiencies so that Tesla could get the Cybertruck certified in other markets.

“I think from a demand standpoint, we would have plenty of demand in other parts of the world for Cybertruck, no question. Like, wherever it goes anywhere in the world, it gets a massive crowd. So it’s not a demand thing. It’s really, we’ve got to reach volume production, go through the cost grind — it would be difficult for me to overstate the difficulty in the cost grind, it’s really intense — and then we’ve got to recertify the car which includes making some design changes to be compliant in other markets,” Musk said.

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