Tesla Cybertruck fleet vandalized with “F**k Elon” graffiti cleaned off

Tesla Cybertruck fleet vandalized with “F**k Elon” graffiti cleaned off

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A few days ago, the electric vehicle community looked in shock as a fleet of Tesla Cybertrucks that seemed ready for customer deliveries was vandalized in a parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Recent videos posted on social media suggest that the Cybertruck fleet has been cleaned out, and no trace of the vandals’ anti-Elon Musk message has been left on the vehicles.

The Tesla Cybertruck has always been a polarizing vehicle. Owners and reviewers alike have observed that the Cybertruck attracts strong reactions from people who love and hate the vehicle. Actual Cybertruck vandalism incidents are still pretty rare, however, since damaging private property to express one’s dislike is never acceptable.

Unfortunately, that was the case with the Cybertruck fleet at the Fort Lauderdale parking lot. Photos and videos that were shared online following the vandalism incident showed that the anti-Elon Musk message had been spray painted on the Cybertrucks’ hoods and side panels. Inasmuch as EV enthusiasts condemned the incident, however, some also argued that Tesla should not have left the Cybertrucks without any security at all.

Based on a video posted recently by TikTok user @thou_sand, it would appear that the Cybertruck fleet has been completely cleaned out. Each Cybertruck in the parking lot looked pristine, and they also looked like they were ready for customer deliveries. This was a welcome update, but it is also not that surprising considering that paint does not typically stick to stainless steel very well. The vandalism incident, if any, ended up ensuring that the vehicles would be extra clean when they are handed over to consumers.

That being said, the video update from the TikTok user also showed that Tesla still does not have a person guarding the parking lot where the Cybertruck fleet is being kept. Some members of the Tesla community criticized this, as the extra expenses that Tesla has to incur to ensure its vehicles are safe from vandals are likely well worth it since it saves customers from potential inconveniences and delays that may happen due to a vandalism incident.

The sentiments that were painted on the Cybertruck fleet, while vulgar, have unfortunately been a slogan or rallying cry of sorts for Elon Musk critics. Among the most notable was former CA Assemblywoman Lorena S. Gonzales, who posted “F**k Elon Musk” on Twitter back in May 2020. Musk responded to Gonzales with a simple “Message received.” Such sentiments, together with several other issues like housing costs, helped urge Elon Musk to move Tesla’s headquarters from California to Texas.

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