Tesla China launches new ‘Special Handling Team’ after Shanghai Auto protest

Tesla China launches Special Handling Team Shanghai Auto protest

Tesla is launching a new “Special Handling Team” in China to “meet the demands of car owners and strive to satisfy car owners while complying with laws and regulations.”

The creation of the Special Handling Team could be in response to a recent protest at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Yesterday, Teslarati reported that a woman who was at the Shanghai Auto Show event in China climbed on top of a Model 3. The woman was wearing a shirt with the Tesla logo and a phrase that said “Tesla brake failed me,” after claiming that the automaker’s braking systems were not operating correctly in her vehicle. She screamed at the perhaps thousands of people in attendance and was eventually removed from the vehicle by security at the event. Tesla said it “acknowledges sensible criticism,” but “it will not compromise to meet unreasonable claims,” according to the Global Times.

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