Tesla bull makes bold claim about Elon Musk’s Master Plan Part 4

Tesla bull makes bold claim about Elon Musk’s Master Plan Part 4

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Tesla bull Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley is making bold claims about CEO Elon Musk’s recently-announced Master Plan Part 4, stating this could be a narrative that completely revolutionizes the automaker as both a business and what its main focus could be.

Last week, Musk announced he would be working on the fourth Master Plan, stating it would be “epic.”

The Tesla Master Plan’s three previous editions have outlined how the automaker plans to operate its business. The first part, released back in 2006, showed how the original Tesla Roadster would essentially be a fundraiser for future vehicle models, lowering in price with each release and making EVs affordable to the masses.

The second was released in 2016 and talked about Tesla’s energy business and its expanding lineup of vehicles, along with Full Self-Driving and autonomy. The most recent version was released in 2023 and talked about scaling the business, renewable energy investments, and other topics related to widespread sustainability.

However, the fourth part and its content is anyone’s guess. Based on what Tesla’s business has become, what we know the company is planning for in the future, and how executives and Musk have talked over the past few months, there is enough information to make an educated guess.

Jonas seems to believe he has the right idea, and it could be based on Tesla’s wishes as a commercial provider of ride-sharing, autonomy, and robotics.

It will be about “anything but cars,” he said:

“Ok, Tesla will still make cars, but we think investors should prepare for something else. We expect MP4 to be underpinned by Tesla’s commercial ambitions in AI, robotics, hybrid compute (including distributed thermal and compute in the car) that spans from cloud to edge.”

Tesla is undoubtedly leaning toward becoming a provider of services, which is likely what its Robotaxi platform will be. As autonomy is figured out, Tesla will utilize its vehicles to make money for its owners, as people will be able to hail rides from an app and get from point A to point B without a driver.

Robotics could help people around their houses, as Optimus has been geared toward eliminating annoying, monotonous tasks.

In terms of Tesla’s automotive business, Jonas believes that it will always matter. However, he sees its value diminishing over the next 6 to 12 months because it “may matter less to Tesla’s fundamentals and valuation due to a combination of subtraction (weaker EV market) and addition (new production categories).”

It’s important to note that Jonas is one of Wall Street’s biggest bulls when it comes to Tesla. He has a $310 price target, which is the highest on the Street, as well as an ‘Overweight’ rating.

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