Tesla announces plans for largest Service Center in North America

Tesla announces plans for largest Service Center in North America

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Tesla has announced plans for its largest Service Center in North America, as it will build a 120,000-square-foot facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, which will serve as a hub for delivery ops, vehicle prep, servicing, and a sales/showroom.

On average, Tesla Service Centers seem to range at around 30,000 square feet, but they are exclusively for working on vehicles and for customers taking delivery. However, the new location in Vancouver is set to be more than just a place for owners to have damage repaired or routine service performed.

Instead, this hub will encapsulate the entire Tesla ownership experience, serving as a location for the entire process of buying an EV from start to finish.

“Tesla opening up a large service center is going to be needed for sure,” Scott Waddle, owner of the Precision Auto Service garage, said to the Vancouver Sun, which first reported on the new service center. “It doesn’t matter what kind of car it is; the dealer has never been able to service all the cars, so the independent aftermarket will be required.”

Service has been one of Tesla’s weakest points over the past few years, and there have been a lot of issues with timing, rentals, and other parts of the process.

With Tesla delivering more cars than ever this past year, reaching its 1.8 million unit goal has been an accomplishment on its own. However, there is a need for more service centers, and local owners in Vancouver recognize that.

Ron Burton, who is a spokesperson for the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, commented on Tesla’s new Service Center, stating, “It’s been difficult for some people to get their Teslas serviced, and this increase is definitely going to help the Tesla community.”

Tesla has a heavy concentration in British Columbia, making up 51 percent of the EV concentration in the region, according to a statistic from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

The heavy ownership of Tesla EVs in the region emphasizes the need for a large-scale service operation so drivers can get their vehicles serviced in a timely fashion and get back on the road with little to no issues.

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